‘The Maniac’s blog'
by Andrea Iannone


A devastating lost

Le Mans. It is a beautiful track, a historical track, wrapped in an extraordinary atmosphere where one can hear the people, especially at night!...

May 24/2017 by Andrea Iannone

Arrivederci jet lag!

I will not say very much about Jerez, at least about racing. That Sunday was not so much a race, but a nightmare. And like all nightmares...

May 17/2017 by Andrea Iannone

What food!

The truth is that the only good taste left in my mouth after the Grand Prix of Argentina was from the beef. That´s some steak they eat there! It´s fantastic! The steak ...

April 17/2017 by Andrea Iannone

Come on, let’s chase the storm!

Qatar… everybody thinks that when you go to the desert, you won´t find water, but then you come to Qatar and they cancel the qualifying because of rain! What a strange country....

March 29/2017 by Andrea Iannone