'Living the Dream ’
by Alex Rins


To go or not to go, that is the question

My life these days is very different from the norm. It is not that I do not have my routines and discipline like...

May 29/2017 by Alex Rins

The hospital in front of my hotel

When I woke up Thursday morning, after my first night in Austin, I opened the curtain to let the light in. It was Room 711...

April 26/2017 by Alex Rins

A little ‘mate’ before racing

"Man, these things happen", "this happens sometimes" or "when you play with fire, you´re bound to get burned” ... these are just some of the phrases I've heard most...

April 17/2017 by Alex Rins

Just like meeting a girl for the first time

The first time I went out on track was something like jumping into a boxing ring, and getting hit from every side. When I wished that I had finished the first session....

March 29/2017 by Alex Rins