"Misano is a special track, plenty of fast corners"

Misano is a very different track compared to many of the recent races, because there are a lot of fast corners and also some very slow corners, so you have to work hard on setup and find a good comprise between the two situations.

More flowing than some tracks, it requires a unique approach and a focus on the GSX-RRs own strengths. Knowing where the machine performs best will give confidence to the riders too.

The Red Bull Ring, for example, is a completely stop & gotrack, but Misano is so different. There are parts of this circuit where the bike is very good, like in Turn 12 which is very fast. You need a very stable bike and good feeling in the front end to be competitive in that corner, and I think we will be.

I think we will be competitive in this track

But as always, it’s hard to be fast over the entire course, and “Riga” admits that not all of this San Marinese track will suit the bike.

Basically from our side, we struggle more in slow corners so for sure there will be some turns where we are not so competitive. But we hope to overcome that in other areas.

After the atrocious weather in Silverstone, most of the teams and riders are hoping for dry conditions in Misano, but if the rain does come what challenges does it bring to the track?

Weve seen in past years that it can rain a lot here, and the level of grip isnt very good which means that the riders struggle a lot when its wet at Misano. But I dont know if this is due to the asphalt or due to a lack of wet time for the riders here. Anyway, we hope for a good weekend! And Im sure Andrea especially will have a lot of support from the Italian fans.” 

See you on track for the San Marino GP from Friday 7th September!

In Misano you have to work hard on setup and find a good comprise between slow and fast corners