“What a move man!”


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“What a move man!”

Winning is always an indescribable feeling. No matter the category. Being on the top of the podium makes you feel like you’re floating. Everything is strange up there: the smell of champagne, the people from your team cheering down below, the fans in the grandstands applauding, and then raising the trophy to the sky ... It's a moment that seems unreal, it's like daydreaming. And in MotoGP it is even more extraordinary.

I was already able to experience this feeling in Austin. I remember my team on the fence on pit wall, all climbing up, screaming and celebrating. It was my first victory in the reigning class and it was a truly exultant moment. Winning the battle against a legend like Valentino Rossi ... it was an unforgettable memory. And it was made much more special by the fact that it was a race in which we did not have really high expectations.

The same thing happened in Great Britain too. During the weekend we were competitive, perhaps enough to fight for the podium, but we felt we were missing something to fight for the top spot. But on Sunday the unimaginable happened. After the warm up we found something that allowed us to fight…and we tried it…

Winning is always an indescribable feeling, it's like daydreaming, and in MotoGP it is even more extraordinary. And I did twice against Valentino Rossi and Marc Márquez!

The race was exciting, very hot, which is super unusual at Silverstone! Do you remember what it was like last year there? Last weekend was the total opposite… The asphalt was pretty good, with a lot of grip, and the weather conditions were great for riding. The start was very good, I soon placed third and then I had a scare. The bike thought about ejecting me, but fortunately I could control it! Uff. I saved myself from a crash... then I turned my head and thought: “That could have been a big mess!”

Then my goal was to stay close to Marc. So I overtook Valentino and followed him. Later on in the race when Márquez let me pass I thought Damn! Let him pass back again and do not show your cards in the last corner, because I was stronger there than him. Just one lap before I had gone wide, on the outside. That's why the last attack had to be done inside, with some more traction. Not even in my dreams could it have ended better! And on top of that it was beating Marquez, another extraordinary rider. Then I thought to myself what a move man!

When Márquez let me pass I thought  “Damn! Let him pass back again and do not show your cards in the last corner” , because I was stronger there than him

The celebration at Parc Fermé was tremendous as well! All the members of my team with whistles making a lot of noise ... it was so much fun! I took my whistle onto the podium but in all the excitement I dropped it! In Austin the team got megaphones and in Silverstone they made sure to make a lot of noise with the whistles and cheering so loudly! They really celebrated. Then on the podium Kepa, the Spanish national team goalkeeper and Chelsea goalkeeper, gave me the trophy - so we were almost all Spaniards ... except Davide!

One more beautiful thing was to see Sylvain there. He came to the parc fermé immediately and we had a big hug. He is doing a great job with this bike, as are all the people working in Japan! Thanks to everyone that helped me to get this second win of the season, and thanks to all the fans for their support too!

“What a move man!”