"Sachsenring doesn't require a lot of power"

Marco Rigamonti, Andrea Iannone’s Crew Chief, explains the complexities of this corner-heavy track on the 20th anniversary since Grand Prix racing began there.

With its tight turns and lack of long straights, the Saxon circuit could be ideally suited to the current characteristics of the GSX-RR.

“To start with, the important thing for us is that this track does not require a lot of speed or power because there are no long straights. Although we have a new engine spec with better power, our bike still tends to suit the lower-power tracks.”

One of the most interesting aspects to Sachsenring is the narrow track, just 12 metres across! This often makes for exciting racing, and also makes cornering ever more crucial. This is an area “Riga” believes will be a real strong point…

Sachsenring is a narrow track, just 12 meters across!

“Here you need a bike which turns very well, and that is one of the good things about our bike. And there are some faster corners too, which also play well to our abilities. If the grip is good, we can be competitive with our corner speed.

Despite Sachsenring being one of the slower tracks, its layout has often brought some very exciting racing. This year, with the top riders closer than ever, and the summer break fast approaching, everyone will be keen to get a good result. So how could Team SUZUKI ECSTAR’s riders try to take advantage early on?

Here you need a bike which turns very well

“The first turn is critical - there are always many crashes and overtakes there because of the layout. It’s the most difficult corner on the whole track. Turn 10 into Turn 11 are also very important; it’s the first right corner after many lefts so the tyre can be cold, there’s also a steep downhill in just a few metres meaning low load on the bikes. Low load and cold tyres create a difficult situation to manage! These are the areas we need to focus on.

Overall, Marco and the team are approaching this race with positivity, especially given they now have one more year’s experience on the new asphalt, and have made recent positive steps in the evolution of the GSX-RR.

We hope that the German GP will bring us more thrills and reasons to cheer!