Andrea Iannone @andreaiannone29


Team: Suzuki Ecstar
Bike: Suzuki GSX-RR 1000cc
Nationality: Italian
Birth place: Vasto (Italy)
Birth date: 09/Aug/1989
Weight: 67 kg
Height: 178 cm


The year was 1989. It was summertime in Vasto, Italy. Andrea Iannone was born a Leo on August 9th. With his birth, a great talent and a bit of wild character came to the world; one meant to ride bikes.  He always sees the world in black and white. He is not the guy to distinguish between the greys. It’s part of his charisma. In fact, his preferred dictum or motto is daring.  ¨ It’s better to say sorry than ask for permission”.  This philosophy has provoked more than a few issues in the past.  However, it has also brought him success.  This special personality affords him a terrific way of riding that has converted him into one of the most spectacular riders in MotoGP.  He is always pushing himself to the limits and beyond…

Andrea started to ride a bike because of his brother, Angelo.  It was he who was ‘guilty’ of showing him the road to racing. Their father, Regalino, a sort of pawnbraker who gave it all, sold everything to help make his young son´s dream a reality. It wasn’t easy at all, but in 2004 Iannone´s name started to be heard among the motorcycling fans, in their meetings and riders’ environment. Then, on his first serious season, he competed in both the Italian Championship and the Spanish Championship connected to the Team Abruzzo Junior, competing with an old two stroke 125cc bike.

One year later began the real adventure. The World Championship was there, opening the doors to the glory, to accomplished his greatest dream. Andrea made his debut during the Spanish GP and he astonished everyone, finishing the race in 10th position, finishing with his best result of that season.

A new team gave him the opportunity to switch. In 2006 he started to race for Campetella Racing, but mid-season yet another change occured. Iannone swapped to the WTR Team, whom he finished the year with and continued with the following season. It was in 2008, when Andrea truly began to create his real racing story. That year he gained his first pole position, in Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia, and the first win as well. This moment, defined by Andrea himself as “the best moment ever in my life”, happened in China, in the cycling circuit of Shanghai.
In theory 2009 was the year to consecrate his status. And indeed he achieved three victories alongside Ongetta Racing team. But perhaps a lack of regularity prevented him from doing a better job. Consequently, Andrea closed the season in 7th position, a bit far from the expectations at the beginning. The following year he jumped into the Moto2 category.

In 2010 Iannone took one step up and climbed into the Moto2 category with Team Speed Up. It was a jungle. With the same engines and similar material, Andrea had to find out how to fight, how to book a place on the podium. In the intermediate category, the Italian rider on a Speed Up bike was a brilliant participant. In fact, that season he achieved the best result in Moto2 - an unexpected 3rd place in the final standings. He won three races and got to the podium five times to reach a total of 199 points. 

Step by step the 29 icon continued to grow and gain maturity. Unfortunately, this was not enough to improve his performance and in the coming two years, 2011 and 2012, he finished in the same place. Nevertheless, Iannone´s already a very popular surname not only on this racetrack, but others too.  And thus started his first flirtations with MotoGP teams, the first one being Pramac Racing. Paolo Campinoti offered him a Ducati Desmosedici bike to cover the entire 2013 season.

With a magnificent performance with a private team and a less competitive bike than the factory teams, Iannone was even better in 2014.  He placed his bike five times in the front row and finished many times among the top five riders. At that point, he became extremely valued by the Ducati factory Team who promoted him for the 2015 season, giving him the chance to ride an official Desmosedici.

Ducati lined up Andrea Dovizioso and Andrea Iannone for the year 2015 -  a strong and very Italian team for the Borgo Panigale factory. It was a great opportunity to show off all his talent. On his first attempt with the red bike, he got his first MotoGP pole position ever. He concluded the Championship brilliantly finishing in 5th position. Just last year he achieved his most illustrious moment since he started riding bikes:  the first victory in a MotoGP, during the Austrian GP! 

And so it was that he caught the attention of the SUZUKI ECSTAR MotoGP Team, who seized the opportunity to offer him a two year contract and join the blue family from 2017. The first season onboard the GSX-RR was not as good as everybody expected, and Andrea suffered a bit with adapting to the bike. Although the Italian struggled to achieve the best results with the ‘blues’, he never gave up during the season. Finally, during the last part of the year he achieved some better results and demonstrated his improvement in pace with a 4th place, his best result, in Motegi - just ahead of his teammate. This second season will be a nice challenge for Iannone, hungry to show all his potential.


First Grand Prix: 125 cc. – 2005 - Belgium Moto2 2010 – Qatar MotoGP – 2013 - Qatar
First Pole Position: 125 cc. – 2008 - Malaysia Moto2 2010 - Italy MotoGP - 2015 - Italy
First fastest lap: 125 cc.- 2009 – Japan Moto2 2010 - Italy MotoGP – 2015 - USA
First podium: 125 cc. – 2008 – China Moto2 – 2010 – Italy MotoGP – 2015 – Qatar
First win: 125cc – 2008 – China Moto2 – 2010 – Italy MotoGP – 2016 – Austria
Total wins: 125cc – 4 Moto2 – 8 MotoGP – 1 Tot: 13
2° position: 125cc – 0 Moto2 – 6 MotoGP – 1 Tot: 7
3° position: 125cc – 1 Moto2 – 5 MotoGP – 5 Tot: 11
Podiums: Classe 125cc – 5 Moto2 – 19 MotoGP – 7 Tot: 31
Pole Position: Classe 125 – 3 Moto2 – 5 MotoGP – 2 Tot: 10
Nr. of fastest laps: Classe 125 – 1 Moto2 – 13 MotoGP – 3 Tot: 17
World titles: Classe 125 – 0 Moto2 – 0 MotoGP – 0 Tot: 0

World Championships position


2005 –125cc– Pos: 20
2006 –125cc– Pos: 22
2007 –125cc– Pos: 20
2008 –125cc– Pos: 10
2009 –125cc– Pos: 7
2010 –Moto2– Pos: 3
2011 –Moto2– Pos: 3
2012 –Moto2– Pos: 3
2013 –MotoGP– Pos: 12
2014 –MotoGP– Pos: 10
2015 –MotoGP– Pos: 5
2016 –MotoGP– Pos: 9